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What about the ingredients for hamsters? 
People on this website in the hamster food recipes use egg, acorns, sugar, pepper, chocolate and salt. Can you have a link in the web to show what hamsters …

Healthy recipe for 5 to 10 year olds 
I have to make a some thing at school , that is healthy and is for aged 5 to 10 year olds. It's got to be creative. and I really don`t know what to make …

Super easy dessert ?? 
Hi, this time, I only have blueberries and strawberries... so I need a recipe! It doesn't need strawberry or blueberry, but i want it to taste fabulous!! …

Sweet and sour pork 
What can be substituted to replace corn flour?

Can I make icing without flour 
Can I make icing without flour?

Super easy dessert 
Hi, I'm Clara. I kind of want to make simple dessert, no oven. With not many ingredients. Please help, I want to impress my family :)

About contests?? 
Hi, I was thinking about entering contests in this website.. hehe:D could you please make more?? THANK YOU!! :D

How do I make self-rising flour? 
I want to make microwave brownies for my mom, she's kind of sick and she told my big sister and I to make microwave brownies, we need self-rising flour!! …

Baking Question 
How do I make homemade icing?

Candy sprinkles 
Could you please tell me one name of the candy sprinkles? They are cylindrical and colored. Do you call them jimmies? Thanks for your help.

Substitute for shortening 
What do you use in the icing recipe when it calls for shortening?

What can You Use Instead of Graham Crackers? 
What can You Use Instead of Graham Crackers? We don't have Graham Crackers in New Zealand. What is similar or can you tell me more about Graham Crackers, …

What to do - out of vanilla extract  
Can you leave out the vanilla extract from the cookie mixture?

Breakfast Recipe Vegetarian 
I want to learn how to make vegetarian breakfast with a slice in easy way.

Can I use hot chocolate powder when it says use cocoa powder for a recipe???? 
hiya!! I'm just wondering can use hot chocolate powder instead of cocoa powder for some recipes??

How to cook a cake? 
Please tell me how to cook a cake.

Marshmallow Cream 
What can you use instead of Marshmallow Cream (jar)? We don't have it here in NZ. Can I just melt marshmallows would it be thick enough to make the Christmas …

Cupcakes Not rated yet
I'd like recipes for cupcakes.

What can I use instead of Crescent Dough? Not rated yet
Hi,for Rolls what can I use instead of Crescent Dough? We don't have it in New Zealand and I have found a nice looking recipe that has it in the ingredients. …

Is putting butter in cake important? Not rated yet
For a good cake, is it important to use butter.

Why sift powder sugar in all the icing recipes? Not rated yet
Why sift powder sugar in all the icing recipes?

When is the next contest? Not rated yet
When is the next contest?

What recipe is good for kids without using the stove? Not rated yet
Kid recipes without stove

When is the next contest? Not rated yet
When is the next contest?

How to put marshmallows in a cake? Not rated yet
Hi, I want to bake a cake with whole marshmallows in it. I tried with small marshmallows in a pre-packet mix cake and it worked ok, but the marshmallows …

When is the next contest? Not rated yet
When is the next contest?

Liquid Nitrogen Cooking? Not rated yet
Hey I wondered if anyone could help me. I watched Top Chef the other night and one of the chefs Tre Wilcox, cooked a stuffing recipe. He used Liquid Nitrogen …

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