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Easy Kids Recipes has a growing community of:

  • parents with preschool and school age children
  • kids ages 6 to 18
  • child carers
  • teachers
  • other family members
  • beginner cooks

The majority of visitors come from the United States, however we also have visitors from many other countries. Below is a list of the countries with the highest number of visitors:

  • 1 United States
  • 2 Great Britain (UK)
  • 3 Canada
  • 4 Australia
  • 5 India
  • 6 Ireland
  • 7 Philippines
  • 8 New Zealand
  • 9 South Africa
  • 10 China


Easy Kids Recipes is listed in many high traffic directories and search engines including Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Bing, the Open Directory, as well as searches on various school, church, and kid related websites. This site ranks highly in the search engines with popular keywords such as "kids recipes" and "easy recipes."

Recipe pages are listed by category (such as kid birthday cakes and easy lunch recipes) and many pages receive top 10 rankings in the search engines.

Articles (on topics such as making finger food for a toddler and preparing healthy breakfasts for kids) are listed with the major search engines and attract a targeted audience.

Each month this website averages over 130,000 unique visitors as well as returning visitors, and approximately 250,000 page views per month. Over 1.5 million unique visitors have visited this website in the past twelve months.

The Easy Kids Recipes website consistently ranks in the Top 0.25% (that is, 1/4 of 1%) of all websites of the Net with Alexa (out of over 106 million active domains currently on the world wide web). More than 500 websites either link to or contain our website address.

The site is active and alive and each day there is a new "Recipe of the Day" on the home page. I also add new recipes to the site as well as cooking, food, and nutrition related articles. Recipes Express, the Easy Kids Recipes newsletter, is emailed to thousands of opt-in subscribers. Many of my articles are published around the Internet as well as in magazines and newsletters.


Here are a few comments from my website visitors and newsletter subscribers...

"I wanted to let you know that one of the recipes you had sent a couple of months ago, the chicken kabobs...they were excellent! I made them for my parents too and they thought that they were delicious too. Thanks keep 'em coming!!!" Corrina

"I came across your web site when looking for a birthday cake recipe appropriate for one year olds as my twins' birthday is tomorrow (the 20th of Jan.). I decided to try your banana cake as my older son will love it too!

I live in Milan, Italy, and do the newsletter for the Moms and Tots group (a moms and kids play group) and am going to include the link to your site as I think it'll be useful for all moms." Alexandra

"Great Website! Very informative and well done." J Thomas

"I'm a big fan of you!!" Meghan, age 9

"Your website was a God send to me, especially when my 11 year old niece had to prepare a 'creative' drink together with the other kids in school. Her natural selection was the Jello Blaster which was indeed a Blast in school! I am so thankful I came across your website and my sincerest best wishes to you on the upkeep of your website." Rosanne P.

If you have a website that would benefit from advertising on one of the Easy Kids Recipes website pages, please contact me using the Advertising Inquiry Form below. I will usually get back with you in 1-2 business days. I look forward to discussing the advertising opportunities with you!

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