International Recipes for Kids

Kids find international recipes are a great way to learn about different cultures. These easy recipes can be followed by kids and are great for school projects.

Australian Food Recipes
Down Under delights including the Lamington and ANZAC biscuits.

Easy Mexican Recipes
Quick and easy recipes from Mexico.

Chinese Food Recipes
Enjoy cooking and eating these Chinese food recipes. Includes easy stir fry recipes, sweet and sour pork recipe and other fun and easy recipes.

English Food Recipes
Traditional English recipes such as the classic fish and chips.

French Recipes
Who can resist French food? These easy French recipes are not complicated.

Greek Recipes
Healthy and delicious traditional Greek recipes such as gyros and Greek salad.

Indian Recipes
Enjoy the spices of India with these Indian recipes using mild spices that even kids will love - and still delight the taste buds.

Italian Food Recipes
Try these easy Italian food recipes and pasta recipes that the whole family will love! Includes my family's favorite pizza recipe.

Lebanese Recipes
Traditional Middle Eastern recipes including tabouli.

Panama Recipes
Make easy recipes from Panama for a school project.

Vietnamese Food Recipes
Asian food with a French influence, Vietnamese food is a real treat. Includes the famous Vietnamese "pho" soup recipe.

More international recipe pages coming soon for the following countries: Japan, Philippines, Paraguay, Russia and more!

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