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Here you'll find recipe links to other recipe, cooking, cooking contests and kitchen sites on the Net.

Kids Recipe Contests - List of cooking and recipe contests that junior cooks (kids under 18) can enter at

Cooking Solutions - Providing you with the best in food information, cooking advice, catering, recipes, cookbooks, Chef's tools & supplies and lots more... Tons of resources and a great FREE ezine, too! - The popular and favorite recipe and cooking site of the beginner cook to the kitchen pro. Recipes for every cook!

Gramma Cookie's Kitchen - A collection of old family favorite recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Cookies, cakes, pies, soups, dinner recipes and much more. - Family cooking made easy.

Easy Strawberry Recipes - Lots of strawberry recipes, nutrition facts, garden and cooking tips.

Irish Recipes - All about Ireland and all that is Irish, including Irish food and recipes.

Great Eats and Wine Treats - For Newbie Chefs just taking up cooking and for other wannabees just learning their way around the kitchen.

Great Salsa Recipes - Turn easy Mexican food recipes into taste tempting magical meals with salsa.

Quality Chicken Recipes - Recipe site for people who love chicken.

Jamaican Recipes - Exotic (and some spicy) Jamaican recipes.

My Book 2 Cook - Online cooking community with cooking advice, lessons, and recipes.

Pratt Family Cookbook -Recipes from the Pratt Family Cookbook.

Recipe Ladies - Collection of recipes, including kids recipes with detailed cooking instructions, and a "Ask a Home Economist" feature.

Recipe Resource Websites - Resource site for everything to do with recipes. Full of newsletters, articles, links and other free resources.

Shellfish Recipes - Lobster, crab, scallop, crawfish and shrimp scampi recipes.

Spain Recipes - Spanish recipes and a selection of ingredients to match.

Strawberry Recipes - Recipes for strawberries in desserts, jam, jelly, cake or drinks.

All Links Directory - A directory of quality family-friendly sites, including links for decorating and organizing your kitchen, shopping, and recipe links.

Healthy Kids Snacks - Healthy kids snacks recipes and quick snack ideas for kids and busy families.

News Directory - news directory organized by subject, including Cooking.

R-TT Data Recovery and R-TT Directory - large directory including links to cooking sites.

ChineseHomeCooking.Com - One-stop website for everything you need in learning Chinese cooking, and create a masterpiece authentic Chinese gourmet meal to impress your family and friends. Breakfast Club - is the leading online source for breakfast and cereal foods. We offer the very best breakfast cereals, samples, cereal coupons and freebies.

Lobster Recipes - The unique source for Shrimp Scampi, Crawfish, Crab and Lobster Recipes.

Hot Sauce - Hot sauce, recipes and more!

Coffee Beans - Delicious hand roasted coffee beans from one of America's finest roasters, Ron Rose. Offers premium quality coffee beans.

Cookery Helper - Provides lots of useful cooking information and a cooking store

DMOZ Cookware Search - Find cookware shopping sites at the largest human-edited directory on the web.

Best of the Web Cookware - Find cookware shopping sites in Best of the Web Directory.

Children's Rooms Kids Bedding and Toddler Bedding - Toddler bedding, kid’s bedding and bedroom accessories

Contests & Sweepstakes - List of contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, and freebies on the web for moms.

Contest Blogger - Search Thousands of Daily Contests & Sweepstakes.

Contest Bee Recipe Contests - Get the buzz on all the latest recipe contest online. - A website with everything Halloween, including recipes.

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