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Allergen-friendly easy recipes..? 
I cannot have soy, wheat/gluten, no eggs, and limited amounts of sugars. No dyes, either. Do you have any ideas for a nice, simple recipe that does …

Rhubarb Recipe? 
Has anybody got any exciting Rhubarb recipes - I love Rhubarb - but don't like Rhubarb Crummble, does anyone have any other ideas for yummy puddings etc. …

Vermont Harvest Cake 
Hi Everyone, I'd like to find a recipe for Vermont Harvest cake. I get emails from The Vermont Country Store and they have one for mail order but because …

French Toast Recipe 
What can you substitute if you don't have cinnamon for your French toast?

Easy Purple Frosting 
I am looking for a really easy delicious frosting that can be purple without food coloring.

Chocolate Volcano Recipe 
I'm looking for something really chocolatey, with chocolate sauce. Also, it would be really nice hot, so like, a cake, with a really gooey fudge in the …

Easy quick dessert? 
PLEASE, I want to make dessert with my sisters and me. I need it quick, easy, YUMMY and no bake. I am not allowed to use oven :( help please..

A light wholesome breakfast recipe 
I want a in-detail recipe for a wholesome well-balanced, uncomplicated breakfast that I can enjoy in the morning.

No Cook Cooking 
I am going to be teaching a no cook cooking class, and have some of the basic ideas (ants on a log, pinwheel snails, trail mix etc) but looking for more …

Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo 
I am looking for a great and easy recipe for Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo. Not too creamy please.

I have a great recipe for candied orange peel which I am trying out. But what can I do with all the oranges?

Looking for a Good Play Dough Recipe 
Can you tell me a play dough recipe?

Heart Shape Sponge Cake 
Can you tell me the amount of ingredients for 10 inch tin for a heart shape sponge cake?

Recipe request for caramel icing 
How do I make caramel icing?

Yummy dessert that's easy  
I kind of want a yummy dessert recipe to present to my family, could you please make it easy and creamy and yummy?? I want something with white chocolate …

Red Green Yellow Recipe 
Hi, I am looking for a recipe using only red, green and yellow as major ingredients. Please help

Homemade frosting  
I'm looking for a homemade frosting recipe for homemade cake.

Korean food recipe 
I need an easy recipe and report for school on North Korea food.

Creative recipes for kids 
Do you have any foods that are creative, like Octopus wieners? Things you can make out of food to spark an interest in trying it?

Recipe from Liberia 
I need this to be a very easy Liberia dish.

Shortbread Recipe 
I am looking for a good shortbread recipe.

Marshmallow with a Pretzel Stick 
Looking for a caramel apple marshmallow recipe.

Easy apple pies for kids to make 
Requesting a recipe for a simple apple pie that a child can make.

Simple Milkshake Recipe 
These milkshake recipes are not what I'm looking for. I just want a simple recipe.

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Breakfast and Dinner for Toddlers 
I need ideas for breakfast ans dinner for my 4 year old girl. She does want to eat the food I prepare for her and I am worried about her weight. She weighs …

No cook/bake recipes? 
Hi, I run a play scheme in the summer holidays and I'm looking for ideas for recipes that range from pretty simple to quite complex, but that don't use …

Rainbow swirl cake 
This recipe appeared in the Barbie magazine of November 2010 under Barbie cooking food fun. I just need more details on how to make this cake so that …

10 minute dessert recipe? 
Hi, I am 12 and I love to bake with my sister Madi, but sometimes my mom doesn't let us bake cookies because she says we make a big mess and we take a …

Peanut butter cup pie Not rated yet
Does anyone have a recipe for a peanut butter cup pie?

The Lucky Cookbook for Boys and Girls cookie recipe Not rated yet
I am looking for this recipe so I can share this cooking experience I had as a child with my kids. I had the book up till a year ago. If someone has …

Coffee Cake Not rated yet
Hi I'd love really nice recipe for a lovely moist Coffee Cake. Coffee Cake meaning a 'coffee' flavoured cake. I've looked on the internet and see coffee …

Orange and lemon juice recipies Not rated yet
I need a recipe. It has to have lemon in it and it also has to have orange in it. the other ingredients should not include fizzy drinks. all the the other …

Chocolate Chip Cookies Not rated yet
I'm looking for a Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.

Denny's loaded baked potato soup Not rated yet
I'm searching for the recipe for Denny's Loaded Baked Potato Soup.

Flapjack Not rated yet
I'm looking for a fruit flapjack recipe.

Cupcake Recipe Not rated yet
I need help on how to make cupcakes please.

An easy way to make hamsters happy Not rated yet
Your breakfast leftover like cereal, bread crusts or your salad (no sauce please) can be given to your hamster in a special bowl. You cant give them milk, …

Club Sandwiches Not rated yet
club sandwiches, i just love them a looooooot...............

Vermont Harvest Cake Not rated yet
Hi Everyone, I'd like to find a recipe for Vermont Harvest cake. I get emails from The Vermont Country Store and they have one for mail order but because …

Brownies Not rated yet
Do you have a recipe for chocolate fudge brownies?

Ma'saaqa Recipe Not rated yet
I need to find a traditional ma'saaqa recipe please.

Breakfast Foods Not rated yet
Looking for something kids can make easy for breakfast.

Dinner Recipe Request Not rated yet
I'm looking for something healthy to make for dinner.

Recipes for Mexican kids drinks Not rated yet
I want kids drinks from Mexico.

Greenland recipes Not rated yet
I am doing a project for school and can't find recipes for Greenland. I have to make something to bring to my class.

Fun, easy African recipe Not rated yet
Hi! I was looking for a fun, easy African recipe that my Third and Fourth graders could make for other classes for our "Multicultural Celebration!". Maybe …

Easy recipes from Mali, Africa Not rated yet
Hi I was wondering if you had any easy recipes from the country Mali, which is located in Africa.... The reason I am asking is for a report I am doing, …

Kenya Recipes Not rated yet
We need recipes for a culture fair. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Macedonia recipe Not rated yet
I am looking for a simple recipe from Macedonia to use with my special education class. Many have feeding issues so I need a soft food. Thanks

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Loaded Baked Potato Soup Recipe Not rated yet
Recently on a trip to USA I had the most delish soup at a Denny's restaurant/diner. If you, Clarissa, or your website readers have a recipe for Loaded …

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