Rainbow swirl cake

by Anonymous cake baker

This recipe appeared in the Barbie magazine of November 2010 under Barbie cooking food fun. I just need more details on how to make this cake so that the 3 mixtures are in layers like the picture. It says in a big cake tin pour the chocolate mix in one end vanilla in the middle and the strawberry at the other end. Help!

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Rainbow cake
by: Rachel in NZ


We made a rainbow cake by buying 2 vanilla flavoured packet cake mix. We separated the mixture into 6 small bowls and put purple,blue,green,yellow,orange and red strong colouring (colour paste from a cake making supplier)in each mixture.

We put the mixtures into two cake tins blobbing mixture in order of rainbow (and opposite in other tin). Starting with the outside colour first and blobbing each colour on top of the next getting smaller as you work you way in to the middle.

Then after we iced the cake with thick white icing so when cutting you get the surprise.

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