Socks, Our Tortoise Shell Cat:
Meet Our Cute Kitten

Meet our cute kitten, "Socks." She's a beautiful 10 month old tortoise shell cat. We named her Socks because she has cute little white feet, she loves to play with Therese's purple socks, and she slides across our back deck like she has socks on.

Here are a few cute pictures of Socks.

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Hello Socks! 
Socks is a very cute cat.. and a perfect matching cute name! :) I have always owned cats my whole life and now am adding hamsters to it. Luckily my cat …

hi socks and owner, some advice for your cat as she gets old don't feed her soft cat food it can give her the runs which is DISGUSTING!!! very cute cat... …

Hit Miss Solution 
Do you find your kitten missing the litter box? Well just pat a little tiny bit of vinegar on a towel and pat it down where they went and there you …

Stinky litterbox solution 
Does your cat's litter box stink up the room even when it is empty? Try putting orange peels in it. The cat won't mind and all of the sudden, the stink …

Kitten Problems Not rated yet
Hi Socks and owner I am just wondering if you had socks scene she was a kitten and did she calm down after getting spayed.

Hi Socks! Not rated yet
I just wanted to say hi.

Hi socks ! Not rated yet
Hi Socks, what an amazing cooking family you have ! They're nice AND they're geniuses ! And what's your nationality ? I'm Spanish :)

Hi Socks! Not rated yet
My sister loves cats! I'm Katie, age ten and my sister Caroline is 8

LOL Not rated yet
hello socks and owner....well i was just thinking if u have a laptop don't let ur cat on it. my 2 cats smokey and sweety love the warmth of the laptop …

Aww...! Not rated yet
Hi Socks! She is so adorable. Since I'm no expert on cats, can you tell me how old is she? And what type of cat is she?

Hi Socks Not rated yet
Awwwwh Socks you are so adorable!! Too bad you can't have a play date with my kitty. You two would get along so well!

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