Recipe Contests

Recipe contests are fun to enter. All you have to do is submit your recipe with ingredients, instructions, tips and a picture if you have one. Here you'll find past recipe contests that have been on the Easy Kids Recipes website since 2009. Please check out the great recipes and winners. You can still add your own comments and suggestions for the recipes. Be sure and check this website regularly for new recipe contests to enter!

There are no current contests at this time.

Past Contests

2011 Easter Recipe Contest

2011 Pasta Recipe Contest

2011 Noodle Recipe Contest

2010 Christmas Cookie Recipe Contest

2010 Thanksgiving Recipe Contest

2010 Halloween Recipe Contest

2010 Healthy Lunch Back to School Contest

2010 Meat Cooking Contest for Father's Day

2010 Pet Recipe Contest

2010 Chocolate Contest

2009 Christmas and Holiday Contest

2009 Halloween Contest

Keep checking this site to find out the latest recipe contests deadlines.

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