Who's behind this recipe website?

Hi, I'm Clarissa, also known as "mom chef". I'm the mother of four wonderful kids who love to help me cook and they also love eating the food I make. I came up with the idea of this website back in 2003 because I wanted to share recipes and encourage moms, dads, and kids to cook healthy, delicious meals that are quick and easy (believe me, I appreciate the need to prepare a quick meal!).

The Easy Kids Recipes website has been on the Net since June 2003. The focus of this website is to provide quality healthy recipes and advice for kid cooking and cooking for the whole family.

I'm proud to say that Easy Kids Recipes has consistently ranked in the Top 1% of all websites on the internet since 2004 as measured by Alexa.com, the leading web traffic measuring company on the Net. Today, Easy Kids Recipes is ranked in the Top 0.75% (that is, 3/4 of 1%) of all websites on the internet. Alexa is owned by Amazon and powered by the Google Search Engine. It measures traffic-popularity and ranks websites based on a sample of 10 million surfers (out of over 196 million active domains currently on the world wide web).

There are over 130,000 people every month who visit this website for the first time. In fact, over 1.5 million visitors each year come to the Easy Kids Recipes website!

Many of the recipes on this website come from my own family recipes (some handed down from my own mom, my grandma, and aunts) and friends.

My daughter, Mary Grace , is 14 years old. She does a lot of the baking and some cooking at home. She is going to contribute to the Easy Kids Recipes website. I hope you enjoy her recipes and insights into cooking from a teenager's perspective.

I'd like to invite you to submit your own favorite recipe.

Many of the great recipes on this site were contributed by kids and parents who visit the site.

I also provide information in the form of articles, a newsletter, news items, as well as general commentary all revolving around the topics of helping parents prepare better meals for kids and helping kids to get involved in cooking as well. You can follow my recipe blog and RSS feed and stay up to date with the latest in kid cooking information and all of the new recipes added to this website. You can also follow me on Twitter. And Easy Kids Recipes is now on Facebook!

I am also an "Expert" for the PBS KIDS

"Sprout for Parents" parenting blog for the KidsHealth and Sesame Workshop where I give advice and tips to help parents of young children.

Easy Kids Recipes has even received some awards, including the Surfing the Net with Kids Award for "Kid Friendly Recipes."

kid friendly recipe award

The Easy Kids Recipes website has been featured in numerous newsletters and in magazines.

I have recently been interviewed and the Easy Kids Recipes website has been featured on the Fast Recipes website, "The Home Cookers Meeting Place."

Recipes from this website have been included in school projects and reports (please contact me for permission if you'd like to use anything from this site for your project).

a family friendly site
a top100 recipe site

Over the years I've received many emails with your excellent feedback. I'm continually adding new material to this website and welcome your feedback, recipes, and cooking ideas. I hope you enjoy this website and that you keep coming back for more!

Clarissa, Founder (a.k.a. Mom Chef)
Easy Kids Recipes

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