What about the ingredients for hamsters?

by Anne

People on this website in the hamster food recipes use egg, acorns, sugar, pepper, chocolate and salt. Can you have a link in the web to show what hamsters can eat? We're not too sure what they can or can't eat. What CAN'T they eat?

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Good question!
by: Tianna

Many people feed their hamsters things they shouldn't, even without knowing it.

Here's a list of some things you may find on this website hamster's cannot eat:

dairy (yogurt, cheese,etc.)

Here is a shortened list of foods hamsters can eat:

sunflower seeds
split peas
raisins (as long as they are not sweetened with sugars)

I hope this helps you out a little. :) I have a hamster, so I've learned what they can eat and can't. If you have any questions on why they can't eat things, let me know.

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