Witches Hats

by Rachel Upton
(Christchurch New Zealand)

Witches Cone Hats

Witches Cone Hats

These are fun to make for Halloween and kids think they are great. All you need are a few simple ingredients.

* Ice Cream Cones (dark waffle ones - try and get ones with even/flat tops - I had to cut mine flat and they broke lots)

* Halloween Sweets (eggs, spiders, worms, etc.)

* Chocolate Biscuits/Cookies (chocolate on one side)

* Icing Sugar/Powdered Sugar and Water (make thick icing with black food coloring)

* Sweets (to decorate outside of hat)

1. Fill cones with spooky sweets.
2. Spread a bit of icing around top edge of cone and place biscuit (cookie) on top of cone. Make chocolate side of biscuit face the inside sweet filled cone.
3. Carefully turn over onto a flat plate.
4. Let icing set then decorate the rim of hat or drizzle some icing down point if you want.

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witchy poo
by: Tracey

Wow these are great a good way to keep the sweeties in one place for each child.

fantastic colourful
by: Amanda Renyard

you really have worked hard on these witches hat they are really colourful and yummy.
I love the way the yummy chocolate is around the cornet and the colourful sweets and items are wrapped around it well done you.

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