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More easy recipes that are kid-pleasing.

  • Dessert Recipes
    Delicious quick desserts including easy strawberry cheesecake.
  • Dip Recipes
    Easy dips for parties or snack time.
  • Drink Recipes for kids
    Searching around for kid drink recipes? Smoothies, milkshakes, cold drinks, hot drink recipes...these easy drink recipes are kid tested and sure to please.
  • Easy Bake Recipes
    For quick kid cooking recipes, try these easy bake recipes kids will love including chicken, vegetable, beef, and egg casserole recipes and kid meals you can make in snap.
  • Fruit Snack Recipes
    Try these healthy fruit snack recipes. Be creative and get your fruit serve for the day.
  • Fun Recipes for Kids
    These are fun recipes to help young kids get creative in the kitchen.
  • Game Day Recipes
    Game day recipes for football games and tailgate parties.
  • Grill Recipes
    Try these easy grill recipes - they're healthy and delicious.
  • Ground Beef Recipes
    Quick and easy recipes using ground beef. Great tasting and good for the budget.
  • Hamburger Recipes
    Try these hamburger recipes and serve up delicious burgers for the whole family in no time.
  • Holiday Recipes
    Collection of kids holiday recipes that are quick and easy including Christmas recipes, Thanksgiving recipes, and Halloween recipes.
  • Ice Cream Recipes
    Enjoy these ice cream recipes any time of the year including low carb ice cream, ice cream in a bag, and ice cream toppings.
  • Icing and Frosting Recipes
    These homemade icing recipes will make your cakes for all occasions a real hit.
  • International Food Recipes
    Enjoy cooking and eating food from around the world with recipes listed by country. A great way to learn about other cultures. These recipes are good for school projects.

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