Mix Chicken and Rice

by Italia
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)

A Puerto Rican recipe for seasoned fried chicken with red beans and rice.

chicken drumsticks
4 cups rice
sazon con color (seasoned salt)
Goya sauce (traditional hot sauce)
1 can red Goya beans (red kidney beans)

1. Take little chicken legs and season them with sazon con color (Mexican seasoned salt).

2. Take four cups of rice and put it in water. Add Goya sauce to taste.

3. Roll chicken in flour then put one by one on a different plate.

4. Add oil in a pot and let it get hot, then put the chicken in the pot to fry.

5. Add another cup of water in the rice the stir the rice.

6. Add red Goya beans.

7. Let the beans cook then after 5 minutes take everything out and you have chicken and rice.

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