Kitty Crispies

by Angela
(Arcadia, Indiana USA)

Kitty Litter is a Halloween recipe that Grandma introduced to my daughter's class last Halloween 2008. Once the kids got past the "gross-out" part, this treat was talked about for weeks. And yes, they ate it.

Granola and store bought brownies are made to resemble used kitty litter. For maximum impact, consider buying a small kitty litter box with a scooper and making the candy directly in the (new and clean!) box. After they get past the gross-out factor, your guests will love the creative look and taste of this candy. We have tested this on many classes and they loved it!!

Prep Time: 15 minutes


*One box of granola or any of that "type" of cereal
*One box of brownies brought or made
*One new clean litter box or shoe box
*One new litter scooper or spoon


1. Prepare a pan by lining it with aluminum foil or baking paper.

2. Place the cereal in the pan.

3. The last step is to make the fake droppings. Unwrap the brownies and place four or five on a plate. Roll them in your hands until soft. Once soft, work them between your hands until they are a satisfactory shape. Repeat with the remaining brownies until finished.

4. Scatter the brownie droppings on top of the kitty litter cereal, and enjoy fooling your friends!

Note from Clarissa: Angela, please send in a picture for us to see.

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by: Alana

I made this recipe for a Halloween party and everyone LOVED it. At first they were really grossed out, but then they started pigging out!Thanks!

I am looking for a picture
by: Anonymous

I will try and find a picture. I have 1000's of them...but trust me when I say we have a lot of cool recipes that are great for kids =)

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