Halloween Rats

by Alana
(La Habra, CA U.S.A.)

Serve up Halloween Rats for dinner for a fun kid cooking activity.


1 baked potato
4 slices of carrot
1 cherry tomato
1 baby carrot (cooked)

You will need:

7 toothpicks

Step 1: First bake the potato and then place the 4 slices of carrot at the bottom of the potato as "feet".

Step 2: Take the cherry tomato and place it on the front of the potato with one toothpick as the "nose". Stick the other 6 toothpicks around the nose as "whiskers".

Step 3: Use the knife to make a small hole in the rear end. Stick the baby carrot in the hole as a "tail".

Step 4: Enjoy!!!

Serves 1.

(Note: Please take care with toothpicks and young children.)

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