Yummy Onion Bread

by Anonymous

Well me and my mum were hungry one night so my mum went out into the kitchen and made us both a snack. In my head I was thinking of a lovely melted cheese sandwich or something like that but NO my mum decided to come out with onions on a piece of bread. At the time I hated onions

but once I had tried them I realized how nice it actually was!!!

So here is how to make them:

1. Get one piece of bread.
2. Get an onion (red or white, personally I think red is better though).
3. Chop the onion up into quite small pieces or you could even dice the onion to make them into chunks.
4. (You could butter the bread but I don't.) Put the onions on the bread (arranged however you like, you could even write something with the onions).
5. Pop the bread in the microwave for about 30 seconds (you can always put it in the microwave for a bit longer later).
6. Once the onions are hot and hopefully melted a little you have your onion bread!!
7. ENJOY!!

Little tip from me: at the end to make it a little tastier you could even sprinkle a bit of cheese over the onion bread, that's what I like doing.

I hope you enjoy!!!

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