Whipped Strawberries and Cream

by Mary
(California, US)

I'm 11 and I was just playing one day with strawberries and whipped cream and came up with a wonderful dessert! It's somewhat healthy and my family loved it! It is also easy to make and requires almost no clean up at all.

You will need:

whipped cream
any kind of topping (optional)

Cut the strawberry top off right at the base, not too much but just enough that the greens aren't on the strawberry and the inside juice is present.

With a knife, cut just at the edge of the strawberry top so the inside looks like a funnel. Don't cut so much into the strawberry, you won't to be able to cut the bottom off so the strawberry can stand up.

If you have a can of whipped cream, point the nozzle right down to the very end of the funnel in the strawberry. Spray the whipped cream as much as you want, this is your dessert, not mine. If you made your own, scoop it into a spoon and dump it into the strawberry.

After that, if you want to add toppings, such as: candy, sprinkles, cinnamon, coco powder, cookie crumbs, or others. My fav is just plain. It tastes really good.

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