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October 31, 2005
I was just reading about a new fad for Halloween this year, white pumpkins. What do you think, orange or white? Happy Pumpkin Day!

September 29, 2005
New! Dip Recipes - Some new dip recipes for snack attacks.

September 4, 2005
It's been a while since I've been in touch -- sorry. Here's to all the dads in the U.K. and Australia for a happy Father's Day today.

June 19, 2005
Wishing all you dads out there a spectacular Father's Day. Kids, hope you're making your favorite recipe for dad today.

May 8, 2005
Well, it's been a fabulous Mother's day. I hope all you moms/mums are enjoying your day as much as I have!

April 22, 2005
Don't forget that today is EARTH DAY. Try out the Recipe of the Day today "Gummy Worm Dessert" that Haley sent in to celebrate the day.

April 20, 2005
New! Hamburger Recipes So start grilling now that spring is here.

March 27, 2005
Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it today!

March 9, 2005
I apologize for the bad link for yesterday's "Recipe of the Day" Angel Food Delight. The link is fixed and I've left the same recipe up again today.

March 7, 2005
I've been reading about the lack of calcium in children's diets recently and pondering how to increase calcium intake for my own kids. Here is a link to an excellent report: Milk alone not best for bones that says tofu, oats, broccoli, and juice are better alternatives to milk. Worth reading.

February 16, 2005
New!I've started a new page of pork recipes. Feel free to send in your recipes to add.

February 14, 2005
Happy Valentine's Day to everybody! Check out the recipe of the day for a quick Valentine's Day cookie treat.

January 26, 2005
New! Does portion size affect how much kids eat? Read this article.

January 25, 2005
New!For your sweet tooth, try these easy dessert recipes and cookie recipes.

January 21, 2005
New!Hope you enjoy these easy salad recipes.

January 14, 2005
New!Just added a few Mexican food recipes.

January 6, 2005
New! My family eats ice cream in hot and cold weather. I've added some new ice cream recipes. including some great recipes sent in by our visitors.

January 4, 2005
New! Italian food recipes including my family's favorite deep dish pizza recipe.

January 2, 2005
The year has started with a new look and feel for the Easy Kids Recipes website. I hope you like it and that it makes it even easier for you to get around.

January 1, 2005
Happy New Year to all of our visitors. 2005 is going to be a fantastic year!

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