Very Cookies n' Creme S'mores

by Farah

This recipe is spectacular for slumber parties!

What you'll need:

Hershey's Cookies n' Creme chocolate bar
2 Graham crackers
marshmallow fluff (or marshmallow creme)
mini marshmallows

Let's get started:

Microwave four or five little bars of the Cookies n' Creme util it is melted.

Spread the Cookies n' Creme onto one of the Graham crackers, then, spread marshmallow fluff onto the other Graham cracker(if you have marshmallow fluff).

Next, stick two or three (if it fits) tiny marshmallows onto the Graham cracker that has the marshmallow fluff or the Cookies n' Creme.

Then, put both Graham crackers together squeezing the marshmallows, then eat.Enjoy!!

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