Vegetarian Greek Casserole

by Elise Finney
(Bangkok Thailand)

This dish is lovely for any meal, but extremely delicious when the entire family and guests share it for dinner.


Tortilla flat sheet
Lemon juice (1 cup)
Crumble Mozzarella
Potatoes (optional)
Rosemary (Traditional, Optional)

How to make:

First, place the raw tortilla sheet on a hard surface.

Second, Cook the spinach at low temperature in a pot until it is slightly bubbling. Remove.

Next, Allow the spinach to cool to warm, squeeze excess water and drape on top of the tortilla. squeeze Lemon juice.

Then, take the crumble mozzarella and sprinkle generous chunks over the spinach. (add rosemary) (add diced potatoes).

Finally, fold the tortilla carefully into a triangular shape leaving the fold conjunction facing on the plate.

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