Sweet Hamster Treats

by Wan Hanees

These are great to be given before playtime! Hide them somewhere in the playpen (in a bowl) and let your hamster enjoy stuffing his cheeks!


1 small piece of stale bread or dog biscuit
some honey and raisins
a few Cheerios (for decoration)
1 teaspoon of oats
1/2 spoon of smooth peanut butter


Take the stale bread or dog biscuit and spread the honey on it. Put on the oats on top of the honey. Put another piece of bread on top of the first layer. Spread the peanut butter on it and put some raisins on it. Decorate with Cheerios.

Almost there....

DIP INGREDIENTS: (only if your hamster wants it)

1 teaspoon of honey
1/2 spoon of peanut butter
2 drops of water
crushed hamster pellets (or seeds)
some biscuits (small ones)


Mix the pellets with water (but if you're using seeds, no need for water). Mix the honey into the soggy pellets or seeds. Mix in the peanut butter (make sure it's mixed till smooth). Unless you're using seeds, dip with the biscuits.

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