Spooky Hand

by Caron Catherine Bryan
(Manchester, England, UK)

Make this "spooky" hand for Halloween, it's a light and healthy dessert idea.


1 box jelly (gelatin)
285 ml (1/2 pint) boiling water
285 ml (1/2 pint) evaporated milk
flaked almonds
red licorice
blue licorice
green food dye


plastic glove

1. Prepare jelly (gelatin) mixture and while it is still warm put 2 tablespoons of green food dye in and the evaporated milk. Pour the warm jelly (gelatin) and milk mixture into a plastic glove.
2. Before putting your mixture into a fridge put red and blue licorice in.
3. Leave your spooky hand in the fridge for appropriately 5 hours to set.
4. Once your jelly is set you take the hand off gently. With your knife slit a small cut off where the nail bed would be on every finger. Once you have done that you can put the flaked almonds there for the nails.

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