Special Sandwich

by P.P.O
(Texas, USA)

Here's my recipe for a whole meal. First make your sandwich, then your side meal, then a drink.

2 slices of bread
2 slices tomatoes
2 pieces of lettuce
1 slice of ham
2 slices of cheese

First you get 2 slices of bread. Then you add mayo (does not matter how much you put). Then get about 2 slices of tomatoes. After you do that you put 2 medium sized lettuce. After you heat up 1 piece of ham with 2 slices of any type of cheese and heat it up about 12 seconds in the microwave then you put it in the sandwich. Finally for the last part you put any type of sauce and just heat the sandwich up about 20 seconds.

Is that you get some lettuce or spinach and put about 6 little slices of tomatoes . And you get some cut up bananas and add them in and put some sweet Italian sauce on it.

Get some orange juice and pour about 2 cups of it. Then after that's done you also add some sprite and pour about 1 3/4 cups of it. Mix it together for a drink. And you are all done with your whole meal.

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