Shaped Chocolate Cookies

by Sara
(Mayfield, NSW, Australia)

Chocolate Cookies Dusted with Icing Sugar

Chocolate Cookies Dusted with Icing Sugar

I learnt this recipe at school in Food Tech. Usually I would dust the cookies with icing sugar, but you don't have to if you don't want to. It is quick and easy. You can make them for a quick party or as a snack to school/work.


65 grams (1/3 cup) margarine
1/4 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup plain flour
1/3 cup self raising flour
2 tablespoons cocoa
1-2 tablespoons milk
icing sugar (confectioner's sugar) for dusting (optional)


1) Preheat oven to 350F (180C) degrees.
2) Grease trays.
3) Beat butter and sugar till light and creamy with blender. Scrape mixture from sides of the bowl with a plastic plate scraper.
4) Sift the flours. Add sifted flours , cocoa and milk to the mixture.
5) Stir with knife until dough is soft.
6) Turn onto lightly floured bench. Knead for 1 minute until smooth.
7) Roll dough thinly.
8) Cut into shapes with cookie cutters (any shape you want). Place on tray.
9) Bake for 15 minutes.
10) Cool for 5-10 minutes.


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