Savory Sensations Hamster Treat

by Nicki

This is a very simple, easy to make, and healthy treat any hamster will love!

You will need:

-peanut butter
-sunflower seeds

First, cut a small slice out of the apple. Don't make it too big, it's just a treat! Then thinly spread some peanut butter on both sides of the apple slice. Thinly spread it because your hamster might stuff it in their cheeks and the peanut butter might stick. Then crush up about 3-4 unsalted sunflower seeds and roll the apple in it til covered. Bon apetite!

I also tried this recipe with mango and celery slice instead of apple, and my hamster loves it!

This treat shouldn't be given on a daily basis because it contains peanut butter and apples which are high in sugar. Dwarf hamsters can easily get diabetes. Remember: treats shouldn't be more than 10% of a hamsters daily intake.

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