Salami and Steak Fried Rice

by Lynne

Salami and Steak Fried Rice

Salami and Steak Fried Rice

I love love love fried rice! And fried rice with steak and salami pieces just make it even better!

1 cup left over rice
1/4 cup edamame*
1/2 cup meat (I used left over salami and steak pieces)
1 teaspoon shoyu or soy sauce
1 teaspoon oil
salt and pepper to taste

1. Place old rice, oil, and shoyu in a frying pan.

2. Heat rice, and then add edamame and meat, and cook.

3. Place on plate, and then add salt or pepper to taste.

*Note: edamame are green baby soybeans. If you can't get this ingredient you can substitute with cooked green beans chopped up or frozen peas, cooked.

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