Raging Bagel

by Ben Branham
(Virgie, Kentucky, USA)

Meat lovers' roast beef bagel with cream cheese. Yum!

2 bagels, halved
lite or regular cream cheese
thin sliced roast beef

Heat the bagel halves in a toaster or in the oven until they are just turning brown or even a little darker if you like. Remove from toaster/oven and while still hot spread on a thin layer of creamed cheese.

Add two pieces of the thinly sliced beef on top of the creamed cheese. Then spread another layer of cream cheese on those slices. Add two more thin slices of beef over the second layer of cream cheese.

Bake on a cookie sheet under the broiler for 5 minutes.

Serve while still hot with anything. Examples include: peanut buttered celery sticks, sliced apple with American cheese melted on top, or carrots and lite ranch salad dressing.

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