by Oksana

I am a young girl and I have a dog that loves ice cubes so I came up with a idea to make her dog treats be INSIDE the ice cube! How cool! It would just be like a flavored ice-cube for her!

What you need:

ice cube tray
dog treats or dog food
boiled water
container or zip lock bag


All you need to do is take your dog treats or dog food and put them into the boiled water. If you have large dog treats (for example milk bones) then crush them up and throw them in.

After soaking for a while in the boiled water, the treats or dog food should be soft and squishy! Take the treats or dog food on a cutting board and mush them up. Then take your ice cube tray and fill it in with chunks of dog food or treats.

Next add water to the tray making sure that most of the dog food or treats are filled up with water (but it's okay if a couple pieces are sticking out - don't worry, it will freeze!

Then pop the tray into the freezer! Wait about 5-8 hours making sure they're hard and then pop them out of the tray and store them in a Ziploc bag or container! Ta-da!!! Your dog will love them! I hope your dog enjoys this yummy flavored "pupsical"

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Dec 04, 2010
by: Carmelyn

Wow! This is so easy to make! My dog didn't try it yet but I am sure she'll love it since she loves ice cubes.

Oct 07, 2010
fast easy ice cube treats
by: Debbe

This recipe is very easy and fast. My dog loved it. These keep my dog busy and happy. Will continue using this recipe even in the winter. Thanks so much for posting it!!!!!

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