Pumpkin Pizza

by Meklit
(Los Angeles,CA, USA)

When I was a kid, every Wednesday we would always make our own pizza. Each of us on the table with our own bowl of cheese, sauce, pita bread, etc. Easy and fun. Now I'll share with you a piece of my family. Enjoy this recipe on Halloween!


Large pumpkin cookie cutter


White pita bread
Can of tomato sauce
Shredded Parmesan cheese


1. Cut all of the pita breads into pumpkins with the cookie cutter.

2. Open the can of tomato sauce, and spread as much sauce as you want.

3. Top it off with the cheese and microwave it for 45 seconds for a nice gooey, toasty pizza.


* Try it with other cookie cutter shapes and sizes.
* Add pepperoni for more flavor if you want.
* Let the kids help! That's what it's all about, Right?

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