Pumpkin Patch Cake

by Stacey Murphy
(Topeka, Kansas, USA)

Create a colorful pumpkin patch cake for Halloween.

1 white cake mix
1 bag of small and large marshmallows
Orange and green food coloring
1 bag of pretzels
1 container of cream cheese frosting

1. Mix the cake mix up according to package instructions.
2. Bake the cake mix until golden.
3. Mix the green food coloring with one container of the cream cheese frosting.
4. Spread out the green frosting on top of the cake.
5. Get a plate and put one dot of the orange food coloring on the plate.
6. Take about 6 large marshmallows out of the bag and roll them in the orange food coloring until most of the marshmallow is covered. Repeat steps 5-6 for each large marshmallow.
7. Get a handful or two of small marshmallows and do steps 6-7 until all marshmallows are covered.
8. Get some pretzels out and break them into fourths.
9. Take a fourth of a pretzel and stick it in the top of a large mellow. Repeat for all large and small marshmallows.
10. Put all of the finished pumpkins (marshmallows)on the cake.
11. EAT UP!!

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