Peppermint & White Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Kisses

by Samantha
(Virginia, USA)

This is the Easiest Dessert Ever.


1 large bag of marshmallows
40 crushed peppermints, in a large bowl
5 cups of white chocolate chips, melted in a large bowl
butter to coat 4 medium dishes

1. Thoroughly butter four plates (NOT paper plates).

2. Microwave 4 marshmallows. They will billow up, almost doubling in size.

2. Separate marshmallows from each other and place them, two inches apart, on one buttered plate.

3. Using a spatula, swirl each marshmallow into a spiral (like a Hershey's kiss) individually.

4. Once all marshmallow candies look like Hershey's kisses, let them dry for 10 minutes.

5. Dip the candies one at a time into the white chocolate, completely coating them, and then dip into peppermint candies until completely coated.

6. Repeat until all marshmallows are coated and covered, using each buttered plate no more than three times.

7. Spray a cookie sheet with PAM (or another non-stick cooking spray) and place the candies on the cookie sheet. Let cool for 6 hours or overnight and serve with hot cocoa.

You can even plop marshmallow candies into your hot cocoa--they might melt and you can have peppermint, white-chocolate, marshmallow hot cocoa!


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