Peanut Butter Suprise

by Ashley
(Missouri, US)

Make this wacky peanut butter sandwich.

You will need:

2 pieces of bread
2 hamburger buns
4 crackers (better if you use Saltines)
peanut butter
a plate
a butter knife

First put the hamburger buns in the toaster for 2 minutes only.

After that you put some peanut butter on the bottom of the buns and stick one at a time to the middle of each piece of bread (put the peanut butter on thickly).

Then you take one cracker and put peanut butter on it and stick it in the middle to one of the buns then put peanut butter on another cracker and put it one top of the other one. You do the same thing to the other bun then put them on the plate and ENJOY.

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