Patriotic Delight

by Katie
(Forest Hill, Maryand, USA)

Here's your final outcome!

Here's your final outcome!

Try this red, white and blue drink.


Cubed Ice
Sprite (lite)
Cranberry Juice
Dark Blue Gatorade

Gather all materials. Next, you will put a few pieces of whole ice in you cup filling it about a little over a half of the way full. Then, you start by pouring 1/3 of the cup full with Cranberry juice. And then 1/3 full on top of the cranberry juice using the Gatorade. Lastly, you add the lite Sprite to the top filling it to the rim. Now you have a wonderful patriotic drink for the 4th of July, or even just for fun! But beware, it's delicious!!!! :)

*TIP: Using lite Sprite helps it stay in the right order for its colors so they all don't mix together right away. But, after a few sips, it may begin to mix all together, and taste better after it mixes.

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