Indoor Smores

by Linda
(Lehighton, PA, USA)

This recipe is about as easy and fun as it gets. My 3 kids loved each making their own style and watching till the marshmallows were perfect. My daughter Melissa would spread peanut butter on her cracker before the chips and marshmallows because it held it together. If you use peanut butter, spread thin because when it melts it runs! Kids love watching them puff up!


Graham crackers
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
Mini marshmallows
A toaster oven


Break crackers in half, so they're square and easier to work with. Lay them out on toaster oven pan (one layer). Evenly place 5 or 6 (or as many as you please) chocolate chips on each square.

Top each square with mini marshmallows (again as many as you please). Carefully slide tray into toaster oven, turn temperature to 400F (200C) degrees and *****DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THEM!*****

The marshmallows will puff up. As soon as they turn light brown on top, remove the tray (use pot holders!). Shut off oven. Let cool a little before biting into them. Chocolate and marshmallows will be hot.

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