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Welcome to the Easy Kids Recipes World-Wide Community!

You'll find lots of kid pleasing recipes to make cooking for kids and the whole family quick and easy - and delicious.

Hi, I'm Clarissa, also known as the "Mom Chef." Whether you're a parent looking for recipes your kids will enjoy or a kid who wants to get involved in the kitchen, you'll find recipes here that are "kid friendly" and easy to prepare.

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Here you'll find easy recipes that are quick to make for your kid and for the whole family.
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Easy birthday party cakes for kids
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Easy Kids Holiday Recipes
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Recipe contests including Halloween, holiday, and chocolate themes.
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Here you'll find the Terms and Conditions for recipe contests at Easy Kids Recipes.
Bird Food Recipes
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Homemade Cat Food Recipes
Homemade cat food recipes for kids to make for their furry friends.
Homemade Dog Food Recipes
Homemade dog food recipes kids can make themselves.
Hamster Food Recipes - Hamster Treats
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Horse Recipes - Horse Treats
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Mouse Recipes - Recipes for your pet mice
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Meet our tortoise shell cat, Socks - She's a cute kitten
Meet our tortoise shell cat. She's our cute kitten named Socks.
International Recipes for Kids
Here you'll find international recipes for kids. Easy recipes for school projects and great for learning about other cultures.
Food Articles for Kid Cooking
This is a collection of kid food articles written by mom chefs and other contributors with helpful tips on cooking easy meals for children and getting kids involved in the kitchen.
Cooking Measurements and Cooking Conversions
Cooking measurements and cooking conversions including oven temperature conversion chart and metric measurement conversion chart.
Teen Recipes
Try these teen recipes that anyone can make and enjoy.
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Online cooking store for cookbooks and everything cooking.
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Recipe links to other great recipe, cooking, and kitchen sites on the Net.
Introducing Mary Grace
Introducing, my daughter, Mary Grace, a new contributer to the Easy Kids Recipes website.
Introducing Thomas
Hi I'm Thomas and my favorite recipe is pizza.
Introducing Therese, a kid who likes to cook
Hi I'm Therese and I like to cook with my mom.
Introducing Luke who likes to make recipes
Hi I'm Luke and I like to make my own recipes.
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