How to Bake a Cake - Follow These Easy Cake Baking Tips

Baking a cake isn't as hard as it may seem. Here are a few easy cake baking tips:

1. Preheat your oven for at least 10 minutes so the cake will bake at the right temperature.

2. Find an easy cake recipe.

3. Get out all of the ingredients before you begin. You will also need two mixing bowls, a sifter, a rubber spatula, electric beaters, cake pan/s, oven mitts, a timer, and a cooling rack.

4. Make sure to get eggs and butter out of the fridge and allow them to get to room temperature. This will help the cake to be light and fluffy.

5. Follow all the steps exactly as the recipe says.

6. Make sure to use exact measurements. (It's a good idea to double check each time you measure an ingredient.) Don't add anything extra and don't take anything away.

7. Use a sifter to sift dry ingredients. This will help you to not have any lumps.

8. Use the right size pan that the recipe calls for and don't fill the pan more than about half full.

9. Use electric beaters to mix the cake. Don't stir mixture by hand. Make sure the mixture is smooth with no lumps. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the sides so the flour, sugar and otherdry ingredients get mixed in well.

10. Grease your cake pan before pouring the mixture. You can grease it with butter or cooking spray or brush lightly with oil. Some people like to line the bottom of the pan with baking paper. I prefer butter and I save my butter wrappings and use them to grease my cake pans.

11. Always get an adult to help you put the cake in the oven, or if you are old enough, make sure to use oven mitts. Place the cake in the middle rack of the preheated oven.

12. When the time is up, remove the cake from the oven and use a thin skewer to poke in the middle of the cake. If the skewer comes clean, it is ready. If there is cake mix on the skewer, the cake needs a few more minutes of cooking time.

13. Let your cake cool for ten minutes on a cooling rack. When cool, use a knife to cut around the cake to loosen it. Then using oven mitts, place the cooling rack on top of the cake and turn the cake upside down. The cake should come out of the pan clean.

14. Make sure your cake is cool then select a good icing or frosting recipe. Then frost the cake and decorate it if you like.

Good luck baking a cake!

Clarissa the Mom Chef
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