Healthy Hamster Cake

by Heidi
(Washougal, WA, USA)

This is a delicious and safe treat for your hamster.

You will need:

Either 1 non-sweetened Cheerio or hamster food that looks like a cheerio
Peanut butter (or Sunbutter, made out of sunflower seeds instead)
2 split peas (yellow or green, not cooked)
*OPTIONAL: rice flour

Take the Cheerio/hamster food and the split pea. Put the split peas in the hole (center) of the cheerio/hamster food, one on each side. Then smear some of the peanut butter/Sunbutter around the "cake".
OPTIONAL EXTRA: sprinkle just a tiny bit of rice flour onto the "cake".

Feed your hamster these treats no more than once a day. Best if only given these cakes every few days or even less. Then they can look forward to their treat, and not consider it food. It will also help prevent wet-tail. However, the food is still safe for your hamster, but just basically give in moderation.

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