Hamster Softie Cookies

by Shanice

All hamsters go nuts for peanut butter! What will happen if they have a peanut butter softie cookie? If you are looking for a simple recipe and easy ingredients, this is the right recipe for you!

1/2 a teaspoon of peanut butter (smooth is good)
tiny cubes of any veggies and/or fruit
1 Cheerio (depending on how many cookies you want)
peeled sunflower seeds or hamster food mix

Begin the cookie by softening the peanut butter.(You can skip this part, but it will take away "softie" from the recipe!) Put the peanut butter in the microwave for a few seconds and check each time if the peanut butter is soft and to your liking.

Next, put the softened peanut butter in a bowl and then add the veggies, hamster mix or sunflower seeds and fruit cubes in the bowl. Mix well. Spread the batter onto the Cheerio. Watch your hammy go crazy for it!

Remember a limit of 3 cookies a day. If your hamster is having trouble swallowing the peanut butter use mashed apple instead.

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Mar 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Unsalted boiled peanuts are good, peanut butter is a COMPLETELY different story! Peanut butter can cause their cheek pouches to shut. Dwarf hamsters are prone to developing diabetes, peanut butter has WAY too much sugar. Also, if your young hamster's hair begins to fall off and it gets bald patches, it's probably being fed too much peanut butter. Think of it this way, kids love chocolate cake, but that doesn't mean it's good for them to eat.

Jan 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

WOW thanx my hamster loved this recipe! I even added some of my own stuff to it as well (stuff hamsters can eat!) xx

Sep 05, 2011
Love it
by: Anonymous

Thanx for the recipe!!! I have already made these for my hamster, Zeus, and he loves them!!!

Apr 27, 2011
by: Katrina

this is the best recipe I have evvverr made for my hamster!! you are a ;-) GENIUS!!

Mar 01, 2011
I'll try this!
by: Jenna

This looks like a great recipe!
I am getting a hamster very soon, so i'll be able to try it then. :)

Sep 25, 2010
by: Sonia

I LOVE this recipe! I made softie cookies for my hamster, Nibble, and she loved it! Sometimes for a change I use mashed apple, but the veggies don't stick, so I use honey. Thanks again for this excellent 5 star recipe!!!

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