Hamster Birthday/Holiday Cake

by Mackenzie, Age 11
(Pennsylvania, USA)

My hamster loves these, and I make them for her birthday! Her hammy friends love them, also! They are very healthy, and contain little to no sugar!


1 slice of wheat bread
1/4 cup of mixed fruits(bananas, strawberries, apples)
3 baby carrots
4 chopped up milk bone dog treats

Cut the crust off the wheat bread.

Put the mixed fruit, carrots, in a blender for about 10 seconds.

Spread the blended fruit/carrots on bread.

Sprinkle chopped dog treats on top.

Let sit for 2 hours or until topping gel (carrots/fruit) cakes the top of the bread.

Cut into 6 small pieces.

Feed to your hamster, and your hamster's hamster friends at his/her next holiday/birthday party!

Be careful not to feed too much of these to your hamster, as it can get ill, and if given too much, it will store it in it's cheek pouch leaving it to harden on the delicate skin inside the cheek pouch. DO NOT GIVE TOO OFTEN!

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