Hamster Banana Nom Nom's

by Neve
(Liverpool, UK)


(this makes 1 banana nom nom)

1 banana
2 chocolate drops (special hammie ones)

How to make it:

1) peel the banana and slice a relatively big chunk of it off.
2) take a knife and carefully cut out the middle of the banana so you are left with a 'ring' shaped banana piece.
3)get the piece of banana (not the ring shaped one the bigger uncut one) and slice a REALLY thin slice off (wafer thin) and put that on the bottom of the ring shaped banana piece so that it looks a bit like a food bowl.
4)now crush the nuts into little chunks and put them in the bottom of the now 'bowl' shaped banana then crush up the chocolate drops and add them into the banana.
5) push the seeds into the sides of the banana chunk.
6) give it to your hammie!

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