Hamster Balls

by Olivia, age 12

Roll these treats into balls or logs - your hamster will love them.

1/2 a banana
1 cup of porridge oats (or small seeds of any kind)
Finley chopped or grated fruit or veg (fresh or dry)
Crushed cereals (optional)
Raisins or sultanas (optional)

Firstly, mash the banana in a bowl. Then add twice the amount of porridge oats as you did banana (1 cup is an average). Mix until stiff. Then add fruit, raisins (halved), cereal and anything else.

After this, roll into small, marble sized balls for your hamster to hold. Once you have the balls, place in the fridge to harden for about 30 minutes (a few hours if you want them really hard).

This recipe should make about 15 balls, but you can try rolling the mixture into logs.

My hamsters love them!!

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Feb 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

I made this for my 3 hamsters because i spend 100 $ every year on treats . so instead i made these

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