'Deviled' Eggs

by Mary
(Sorrento, FL, USA)

'Deviled' Eggs for Halloween

'Deviled' Eggs for Halloween

This is a recipe that my mom created a few years ago. She is very creative and loves to cook, so she came up with the idea on her own. I hope she wins because it would be a great surprise for her!


1 dozen hard boiled eggs
8 tablespoons of Miracle Whip
4 tablespoons of sweet relish
1 red pepper
6 black olives

Step 1: Peel eggs and slice each lengthwise placing all of the yokes in a medium sized bowl.

Step 2: Once all of the yolks are in the bowl, add Miracle Whip and sweet relish until creamy and to taste.

Step 3: Refill all of the boiled egg halves with the egg yolk mixture.

Step 4: Slice red pepper to create horns and eyes as shown in picture above.

Step 5: Slice black olives to create a mouth as shown in picture above.

Step 6: Arrange horns, eyes and mouth. Serve chilled and ENJOY!

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by: Anonymous

What a fun project to do with children for Halloween. Good protein, not all sweet sugar.

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