Deluxe Hamster Trail Mix

by Haley
(Pickering, Ontario, Canada)

This is a new recipe and is pretty easy to follow.

All you need is:

dry hamster food (with dried fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts)
1 teaspoon of honey
fresh shredded veggies such as carrots, cucumber and lettuce
finely chopped up pieces of fruit such as banana, strawberry and pumpkin
canned high quality puppy food


1. Add hamster food to bowl and mix in teaspoon of honey.
2. Add in fresh shredded veggies and finely chopped up fruit.
3. Next, add in high quality puppy food.
4. Mix all together and serve.

NOTE: DO NOT add in spinach, beans, sorrel,rhubarb, raw potatoes, onions or leeks. Thy are either harmful to hamsters, give them gas or are just plain unhealthy for them! Also remove deluxe hamster trail mix after 24 hours. It can go bad!

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