Delicious Scones

by Anonymous
(London, UK)

These scones were first introduces to me when I was in a baking class at school.Ever since, I fell in love with them and make them all the time for me and my family!

Serves 6.

You will need:

250 grams self raising flour
50 grams butter
50 grams sugar/extra ingredient eg:raisins or herbs, olives, cheese for a savory dish!
125 ml milk

You may double or half the ingredients.


Preheat the oven to 180C (375F) degrees

1. Cut the butter up into small pieces and put into a large mixing bowl along with the flour and sugar.

2. Rub the ingredients together. pick up the mixture with you fingertips and rub together three times drop and repeat the process

3. Keep rubbing until your mixture looks like breadcrumbs. Make sure that you do not have any lumps by shaking the bowl from side to side.

4. Add the milk gradually stirring 50 times. The mixture should be sticking to itself but not the bowl. Make sure you do not put in too much milk
(you may not need all of it). Don't worry your mixture will feel a little sloppy and not firm-if too sloppy add more flour.

5. Flour the surface and pop the mixture on the surface.rock the mixture,turn it a quarter turn and rock again-do this for about 30 seconds. Keep flouring the surface so that the mixture doesn't stick.

6. Press to 2 cm thick.

7. Cut out circular scones with a biscuit cutter. Don't worry if you don't have one of these just cut out with a knife.

8. Place some grease proof paper on the baking tray and flour that. pop the scones on the tray and put them in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

The scones should sound hollow and be golden brown!

Serve with jam and butter and there you have it, heaven on a plate. :D

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