Delicious Mouth-Watering Pasta

by Anonymous
(California, USA)

This one was one I make for all parties, and everyone enjoys it! Always the first dish that's wiped out!


2 cups milk
1/4 cup cheddar cheese
1/5 cup provolone cheese
1/16 cup Samso cheese
1/16 cup sweet style Swiss cheese
1 bag of any pasta
salt ( to taste )
garlic salt (sprinkle)
5-10 pieces pita chips (any flavor)

Step 1: Boil milk then add cheeses into milk, and stir.
Step 2: While the milk and cheese are melting, boil the pasta.
Step 3: Drain pasta and rinse with water, then add milk and cheese with pasta and stir.
Step 4: Put pita chips as decoration and sprinkle some salt and garlic salt on top!!

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