Coleslaw Delight

by Aaron Reed
(Mobile, Alabama, USA)

Make your own coleslaw sandwich and enjoy the taste!

salt and pepper
egg or any sliced meat of your choice
garlic bread (regular bread would also work, just add garlic powder to the finished sandwich)

NOTE: In my opinion, this recipe would work AND taste a lot better if you were to toast the bread.

First, you start off by making the coleslaw. Carefully chop the lettuce into bite sized pieces. Then, mix in enough mayonnaise to have all of the lettuce covered, but be sure that you don't add too much and have it dripping.

Next, you add the vinegar, enough to add the tangy flavor (add more or less if you choose). Add as much or as little salt and pepper as you like.

Now at this point, your coleslaw is complete. If you prefer an egg over sliced meat, now is the time to cook it. I like my egg a bit runny but you can make it any way you choose (besides scrambled).

Then, you get the garlic bread and place the egg onto it. Follow that up with the coleslaw. If you have regular bread, do it the same way. The only thing you would do different is that you would add garlic powder on top of the coleslaw before you place the top slice of bread on.

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