Claire's Jolly Sugars

I found this recipe in a magazine, and adapted it for everyday use.


one box of sugar cookie dough
1-3 bags of Jolly Ranchers hard candy


baking sheet
old tee shirt
PAM spray
cookie cutters of the same shape different sizes


Crush jolly ranchers in small bag under tee shirt with the hammer, place in bowl for now.

Grease baking sheet.

Use a rolling pin to flatten cookie dough.

Cut out some shapes using the larger cookie cutter.

Cut out some of the smaller shapes from the larger shape.

Place on baking sheet.

Put some Jolly Rancher candies into the center.

Bake as directed by the box or can.

Take out, let cool, move on to serving platter, and ENJOY!

Note: the Jolly Ranchers shouldn't be chewed, they should be enjoyed like a NORMAL Jolly Rancher, sucked on, rather then chewed like the rest of the cookie.

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