Cinnamon-Honey Granola Balls

by Elizabeth K
(New York, USA)

I got the idea for this recipe from my Home and Careers teacher. We made granola in the school kitchen except the ingredients were much different. I decided to try to make my own recipe and see how it came out! I found it delicious!


4-5 Tablespoons of honey
1 packet of instant oatmeal
1/8 cup of chocolate chips
1-2 tablespoons on cinnamon
Powdered Sugar
Add nuts and fruit(Optional)

1). Mix the Oatmeal, Chocolate chips, cinnamon and your nuts or berries (if you added them) together in a small bowl.
2. Add honey to your solids and mix well until the mixture is thick and everything is covered in honey and cinnamon.
3. With your hands, a spoon or an ice-cream scoop make balls out of your granola.
4. When you have used all the granola to make balls put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
5. When the granola balls are hard. Sprinkle powdered sugar on them to make them look nice.
6. Then you can stick a toothpick into them for an easier way to eat them.

*** If you find this too sweet use semi-sweet chocolate morsels, add salt or leave the powdered sugar out***

~~~This makes 1 serving~~~

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