Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn with Dried Cherries & Pecans

by Cheryl Perry
(Elizabeth City, NC, USA)

A chewy popcorn treat with drizzled creamy chocolate, topped with dried cherries and pecans.

1 3.5-ounce bag microwave popcorn
1 cup chocolate chips
2 tablespoons heavy cream
½ cup dried cherries, chopped
¼ cup chopped pecans

Place popcorn bag in microwave oven and cook according to package directions. While popcorn is cooking, line a large baking pan with parchment paper and set aside.

Add the chocolate chips and heavy cream to a medium bowl over simmering water; stir together until melted.

Pour the popcorn onto the baking sheet in a single layer. Using a tablespoon, drizzle the chocolate over the popcorn, covering well. Press the chopped cherries and pecans onto the chocolate.

Allow chocolate to harden on the mixture. Pour into a bowl and serve. Makes 4 servings.

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