Chicken Surprise

by Lola
(Fort Rucker, AL, USA)

Try Lola's tasty chicken and cheese snack on an open-faced toasted English muffin.

English muffin
cream cheese
grilled chicken
1-2 teaspoons Italian dressing
feta cheese, crumbled

1. First get an English muffin and toast it.

2. Get it out of the toaster and spread any kind of cream cheese you want on your English muffin.

3. You will need to grill chicken whatever way you or your family likes.

4. When the chicken is done cooking, cut it into little cubes. After that sprinkle the cubes on to the English muffin.

5. You will need Italian dressing to pour on.

6. You can put some feta cheese on it if you like (it tastes a lot better that way).

7. Put it on a plate and enjoy.

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